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Originally Posted by XT View Post
So, legally they's simply not viable politically?
As a matter of EU law, they can.

As a matter of (the current state of) UK law, they can, but it's complex and arguably there isn't time. There's academic debate about whether this is something the executive can constututionally do on its own authority, or whether the approval of Parliament would be required. There's also the awkard fact that Parliament has already legislated for EU law to cease to apply in the UK with effect from 29 March; if the UK revokes its departure notice, but that law is not amended or repealed, then the UK will remain a member from 29 March but will be in massive breach of its membership obligations, leading to chaos not much less than if they had left without a deal.

So, realistically, if they wanted to revoke the Article 50 notice, they'd either have to move protty sharply, and with the backing of a comfortably majority in Parliament, or they'd have to request an extension of time.

But it's all academic. Politically, a decision to revoke seems very, very unlikely.