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Originally Posted by Kimstu View Post
Just correcting this misinterpretation of the concurrent thread: No, it's not that all men are immediately assumed to have "nefarious intentions" about deliberately trying to "assert control and power" over women. It's that in a traditionally and persistently sexist society, human beings are always immersed in cultural expectations about men being entitled to assert control and power over women, and human behavior is bound to reflect that.
Well, in this case, it's similar to what I wrote about RadFem not necessarily assuming that a man oppressing a woman does so consciously but that his behavior is often dictated by the patriarchal structure of society. I struggled with expressing this concept.

In any case, I still see what you say as an adversarial view of gender relationships. when you write that men behavior will reflect the cultural expectation that men are entitled to assert control over women, it still implies that it's what they do when they touch a woman (asserting control). And exclude a simple explanation like : "he touched her because it was a convenient way to get her attention" without not only nefarious intent, but also any subtext reflecting men entitlement.

This is definitely a view according to which any male behavior is interpreted by default as reflecting men entitlement and women oppression and the possibility that there could be a neutral or pragmatical explanation for these behaviors is rejected.
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