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It's a similar argument from feminists over transgender rights. They certainly live a life with their own struggles, but they are not the same struggles that women have to go through. They can always choose to return to/pass as/whatever-you-want-to-call-it to their birth gender and escape the inherent oppression of being a woman.
That's one of the weirdest arguments I've ever seen- if these cis women think a trans woman deciding to 'pass' as male is going to escape the 'inherent oppression of being a woman', what's stopping them doing it themselves? Gender identity? The same thing they're denying in others?

And no two cis women have the same struggles growing up; a girl brought up by a sexist asshole father who expected her to be an uneducated housewife is going to have had totally different experiences to one brought up by, say, a feminist lesbian couple, but no-one thinks that means one is somehow less female than the other. The concept of 'feminists' who try to demand that all women have to have had one set of experiences to count as women, hence worthy of equality, would be laughable if it wasn't being used to affect real people.

If there starts being a wave of men who claim to identify as women simply to gain access to female spaces, then ways to prevent that would be worth considering.

There isn't.

Using a theoretical possibility that someone could be victimised in the future to justify present victimisation (especially of a group that already tends to get plenty of that) is just not a good argument.