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Originally Posted by Bryan Ekers View Post
I'm starting to feel like there's a language barrier or a funhouse mirror between us - we're talking about how guns uniquely enable most any random individuals to inflict a great deal of damage in a short period of time and you're determined to talk about motive, or literally anything other than simple functional reality. You are aware of how guns work, right?
Yes, I'm determined to talk about motive because people die from the intent to kill.

We carried knives to school when I was growing up. Guns were easily available. In other words, it was EASIER to kill each other when I went to school. You don't seem to grasp this.

As long as the desire to kill is there then alternate methods will be used. If the Columbine murderers had used cars they could have killed far more children because the scene of the crime would have been in constant motion. The police would be driving from one pile of dead bodies to another chasing after them. The kids could have driven from place to place and stabbed the driver of their next assault vehicle to throw off the police. That took all of 5 seconds of planning. How long do you think they spent planning the school shooting?

So explain to me how you're going to stop kids from killing who have less access to weapons than we had when I was a kid. You can legislate anything you'd like and we will discuss it as if it happens overnight. I'm not suggesting that removing all guns is a fantasy. That's not the argument. The argument is that removing them will cause a shift in methodology.

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