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Originally Posted by you with the face View Post
There is much less pressure for women to not cry than men. I grant you that women also catch flak for crying, but the flak doesn’t threaten their gender the same way it does for men.

Let me ask you this. Do you think men are socialized to express their feelings and emotions the same way that women are? Because that’s really what we’re talking about; crying is just shorthand.
It seems to mean that men are as constrained in showing emotions as women are constrained in showing sexual desire. There's a narrow range with exceptions in specific circumstances (no crying except at funerals, no sex except in a relationship). I guess "slut" and "wimp" have about equal impact as policing term.

A woman who is deeply affected by something could have a meltdown while a man in the same situation could go into a rage. It would come from the same place but would manifest in very different ways. The man's way (fight) is more likely to cause needless harm and the woman's way (flight) is more likely to fail to engage in defense. Maybe 200 000 years ago, the woman's way was more likely to be inappropriate than the man's. We live in a society where the man's way is more often inappropriate.