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Originally Posted by monstro View Post
I don't think sermons or lectures require finger-wagging, though. Every day people voluntarily subject themselves to both sermons and lectures, and I doubt this would be the case if finger-wagging was associated with these actitivities.

My parents were (and probably still are) big proponents of corporal punishment. They were not afraid to whip us kids if we stepped out of line whether intentionally or not. They are also big church-goers and love sitting through a well-articulated, passionate sermon. I really wish that the various pastors that had preached to them while I was growing up had occasionally put out a message like, "We sure do whip our kids a lot. Maybe we should stop doing that so much and instead talk to them. Can I get an 'amen'?" That probably would have resonated with my parents a lot more than whatever it was the family counselor we all went to told them.
The finger wagging bit was actually in my mind stealing it from a recent NYT article about “motivational interviewing” as opposed to lecturing patients. But you are correct that not all sermons include finger wagging and some orators can inspire change.

Still I’d guess most “Amen!” that which they already agree with most of the time.