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So let me tell you my vermin saga.

A few months ago, fairly shortly after I moved here, I found that my bread had been compromised. Something had chewed on it. My first thought, of course, was mice. My bread, along with nearly all the rest of my food, is kept in a cupboard above the counter. So I got up on a chair and looked/felt around the inside of the cupboard for any cracks or holes or any other evidence of mice, hoping to nip that problem in the bud. There was none, so I kind of shrugged and forgot about it. A month or so later... same thing. I go to grab some bread and there are little holes in the packaging. So I think: bugs? At this point, I figure if I had mice, I would know it. I would hear them moving around or find mouse poop somewhere. Also, all my other food appears to be intact. So I decide maybe it's just a coincidence and the bread bag got caught on something at some point , but resolve to watch for bugs or other signs of trouble.
But again, a couple weeks ago- my last bagel was violated. There appeared to be clear tooth marks in it. Hmm. Bugs? RATS? At that point, I was certain something was getting into my bread and was worrying through the possibilities.
Then, last week, I foolishly left a package of pita bread with one pita left on the table instead of putting it away. When I went to get the pita out, it was half-eaten. The evidence was beginning to build against one particular suspect. I had thought this unlikely in the beginning because the cupboards are so high up and opening them would take some impressive gymnastics.
Until last night, when I caught the villain red-handed. Or red-pawed, as it were. I don't know if he was emboldened by his last pita caper or if he just found the taste of pita so irresistible that he couldn't help himself, but it was the pita that did him in. I was lying on the couch watching the Great British Baking Show and having eating a super healthy dinner of hummus and pita and had yet to summon the energy to put the rest of the food away because that's my life now. So I'm half asleep, letting my brain be soothed by watching Kate from Liverpool get praised for her Genoise sponge and vaguely thinking that, if I'm ever well again, I'm going to make bread... when over the edge of the coffee table, I see a pair of eyes and one-and-a-half ears (he's a T/N/R cat who didn't get released) and then... the little bastard thought he was sneaky pulling that package off the table, but it scared him when it hit the floor and he took off, sans pita.

So the good news is that I don't have rats. The only infestation I have is the one I already knew about. The bad news is hat I have to come up with a more secure bread solution and also that the cat(s) can apparently get into the cabinet. They're not usually garbage can cats, which is part of why I had dismissed the cat idea before. I don't see them get on the counter or into cabinets, I have a bag of cat treats on the counter that they never touch even though they love cat treats, and they almost never beg for human food or get into things they're not supposed to have (with the exception of stealing my ponytail holders and either moving them around the house or drowning them in their water bowl). But still, I'll have to be more vigilant.

I did, by the way, share just a little bit of pita bread with the little guy. I'm possibly too lenient a cat mommy. I would never share human food with dogs, but the cats are semiferal so, in the absence of any straight-up friendly cats who will sit in my lap and purr, I have to pretend that begging for food means that they love me or else I never get any love at all. So I'll indulge them a little if it makes them trust me a bit more and means I get to pet them.