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Originally Posted by Elendil's Heir View Post
I don't think James threw it, but his FJ bet still surprises me. I would think his best approach would be to assume he gets FJ right and - crossing his fingers - that Emma gets it wrong. Bet everything, or almost everything, why not? I've read the posts upthread but don't get why he would be at all concerned about the third-place guy.
No, that's definitely not the right strategy if you want to maximize the chance that you come back.

Emma has to bet enough to cover them both getting it right, because both of them getting it right is by far the most likely outcome. But if she gets it right, he doesn't come back at all, so he bets so that if she gets it wrong, he wins regardless of his answer.

People had dumb conspiracy theories about Ken Jennings throwing his final game too. He's always said that it's an extremely silly idea: If you had a fun job on TV that paid $150k a week, would you quit?