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Originally Posted by commasense View Post
ITSM that the real difference in last night's game was that James didn't answer nearly as many clues as he usually did. And that inevitably reduced his chances of finding a DD.
This is correct. In this game, he answered 25 correct to Emma's 21. Normally, he answers somewhere in the mid 30s questions correctly, sometimes even lower 40s.

His close call (vs Nate) has similar numbers to this loss. James answered 26 correct, and Nate answered 24 correct (more than Emma, and almost as many as James.) There was another tight one earlier on (Game 18), where he hit 28 correct, and Adam had 20.

Actually, looking back to his second game, he only got 22 right on that one (to Satish's 18 and Marshall's 15), but finished miles ahead of the competition because of his betting strategy. Also, in game 6 he only got 25 right (and 2 wrong).

So he has had a few vulnerable games in there where he hasn't answered his usual 35 or so questions.