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Originally Posted by Chronos View Post
Do you want NRA ratings, or do you want the candidates' positions? So far as I can tell, the NRA's evaluation consists entirely of "does the person have a D or an R after their name?".
Originally Posted by pkbites View Post
Never mind the NRA. Go to Gun Owners of America site and check their Congressional ratings. They are far more accurate than the NRA’s.
Eh, the GOA is more likely to base ratings on their party, so much that NRA As get Fs from them. Not that the NRA's ratings are necessarily honest.
Originally Posted by Kent Clark View Post
Here you go, from the Washington Post, as of February.

Four Democratic senators have at least an A- rating from the NRA.

Joe Manchin III (W.Va.)
Joe Donnelly (Ind.)
Jon Tester (Mont.)
Heidi Heitkamp (D-N.D)

However, Manchin co-sponsored the bill to stiffen background checks after Sandy Hook, and Donnelly and Tester supported it.

Bernie Sanders, who insists he's a 2nd Amendment supporter, got a D- from the NRA in 2012, the last time he was rated by them.
I don't think that's from February consieridering Heitkamp was out of office in January. Also no current political position, but Jim Webb was the most recent one to run a campaign for President.
Originally Posted by Chronos View Post
None of them is in favor of repealing the 2nd Amendment, which makes them all extremely pro-gun, by comparison with the vast majority of the world.
Quite frankly, "the world" doesn't have a say.