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Originally Posted by MacTech View Post
This American *LOVES* his 2012 VW Golf TDI (certified preowned with 50,000 miles), the reasons I bought it were;

1; diesel engines are built far stronger than the equivalent gasoline engine, they have to stand up to the much higher pressures involved in compression ignition, their durability is infamous
this is not true. you're comparing heavy truck engines to light vehicle engines. The car world has had plenty of diesel engines which were trash.

2; they are generally more reliable than the equivalent gasoline engine, and the chassis is typically more durable as well,
this is no longer true, modern diesels are even more complex than gas engines. and reliability of the emissions controls has been "problematic" at best.

3; They generate all their power/torque at low RPM, making them far more drivable around town and on backroads, my Golf TDI may only have a humble 140 HP, but it makes a respectable 236 Ft-Lb of torque at under 2,000 RPM, accelerating from a stoplight feels like a jetliner taking off, the torque shoves you back in your seat with authority, and under power, it pulls like a frakking freight train, it's incredibly *FUN* to drive in daily use, no it won't win any 1/4 mile drag races or top speed records (until I tune it up, that is ), but it's the perfect *FUN* daily driver
236 lb-ft is pathetic out of a 2.0 turbo engine. Go look at the specs for all of the other 2.0 gas DI turbo engines out there on the market; you'll find that nearly every single one puts out more torque and way more hp than that 2.0 TDI. And they're capable of doing so at just as low an RPM as a diesel. Here are a few examples: Hyundai Sonata 2.0 GTDI, 245 hp, 260 lb-ft 1350-4000 RPM. Buick Regal 2.0 GTDI, 250 hp, 260 lb-ft 2000-5000 RPM. Honda Accord 2.0 GTDI, 252 hp, 273 lb-ft 1500-4000 RPM.

and so on. Turbocharging gets you low end torque. diesels only have that reputation because for decades people have been comparing turbodiesels to normally aspirated gas engines.