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Originally Posted by Typo Negative View Post
If the man had given the immigrants food and water...AND called ICE...then he would be on the right side of the law.

The behavior that is forbidden is being part of a network that helps immigrants skirt immigration law.
You're acting delusional here. First off, I am not authorized or even capable of determining whether someone is legally present in this country or not. And if someone is dying of starvation or thirst, I would have to be a sociopath to even think about those things.

Second, there is no moral or legal obligation to report everyone you suspect may be breaking the law. I am not ICE. It is their job to find these people. I am not morally required to in any way to help them.

Third, the only people who are pushing "illegals" as a problem are the fascistic right that wants to blame problems on them. Immigration, legal or not, only helps our country. There's a reason not even Ronald Reagan, patron of modern conservatives, was for kicking them out. He gave them amnesty. He championed worker visas.

Even if these people were somehow the enemy, offering your enemy food and water is the right thing to do. Only a sociopath worries about allegiances when it comes to helping the sick and dying.

Hell, THAT'S THE ENTIRE POINT OF THIS THREAD. If you can't figure that out, then you need to shut up about morality, as you have the same morality as Trump.

And do, for the love of all that is good, shut off the Fox News and letting you brain be reprogrammed. You never used to act like this.