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Originally Posted by Sunny Daze View Post
It was not nice that you dug around to find out where she lives. It was a real invasion of her privacy and one you should never, ever repeat.

If a situation like this ever comes up again, you should offer to help out, rather than sneaking around. The sneaking is where the creepy came in.

All in all, a nice thought but very poorly executed.
How in the name of common sense can it be an "invasion of privacy" when that information is PUBLICLY available?

You remind me of the people who think that it's illegal to take pictures in public spaces.

Originally Posted by markn+ View Post
I say pretty creepy. The idea that someone would look up my address, come to my house and mess around with my property in my yard when I'm not there and didn't approve it, is really not ok. You should have just asked first.
Once upon a time, there were people who would come onto your property without your permission, and collect information regarding your living habits. It didn't matter whether you wanted them there or not. And it did no good to complain to the police, because--believe it or not--these nefarious activities were sanctioned by the local government.

Those creepy people were called "meter readers."