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Originally Posted by TheFuture View Post
Well I'm not an expert on this field, so correct me if I'm wrong, but there would be two obvious counterpoints to raise:

1) There have only been 1-4 "incel killers" and their death count is far lower than that of non-virgin male mass murderers. So mass murdering seems to be an equal opportunity activity. I think the few that did go on killings were severely mentally ill with autism or schizophrenia too. Murdering is reprehensible no matter who does it IMO.
I may not be an expert either, but ONE IS TOO FUCKING MANY.

2) Some muslims blow themselves up in crowds but it doesn't mean everyone who is muslim is a suicide bomber or has radical beliefs.
This is a thread about incels. A group defined by their radical misogyny already. We're not talking about all virgins or all men.
It may be because I'm a drooling simpleton with the attention span of a demented gnat, but would you mind explaining everything in words of one syllable. 140 chars max.