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As a point of reference for the OP, who is new around here.

We tend to get a lot of this shit where people have found something they like/find interesting and then they come here and do a basic dump;

a> Read these 42 articles with cites and then you can discuss this with me.
b> Watch these 87 youtube videos and then let's discuss.

We've seen it too many times and no, we're not interested in doing people's homework for them or watching a bunch of videos to see what the OP is on about. If that's a problem for you (and it seems to be for most of these types), tough shit. You're asking a bunch of total strangers from all walks of life to spend hours looking at something they may not be interested in before they can talk to you and you're not giving us an actual discussion, you're telling us to do homework first before you're willing to discuss it.

If someone asked us to watch a bunch of videos on any random subject, from earthworms to nuclear physics, with zero initial arguments or information, they are, every damned time, going to get the same "oh go fuck yourself" response from people here. Ain't no one got time for that shit.

A better approach is to talk specifics and bring cites. To lay out your argument, your points FIRST and then invite discussion.

Eventually, you'll notice that a lot of "Hey, watch this video <link> and discuss!" posts get closed or even cornfielded IMMEDIATELY.

If you want a better response, then do better with your initial post.