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Originally Posted by begbert2 View Post
There's more a large volume of evidence that Incels are fucking up their science and none of it says what they claim it does, but I will concede that physically attractive people have something of an advantage in the dating game, and an even bigger advantage in the "I want to have casual sex and then immediately discard the woman and move on to the next one" game.

Japan's advantage probably comes from the fact that involuntary celibacy isn't actually the problem, it's Incels that are the problem. For example, I am involuntarily celibate - given my druthers I'd be married to the woman I love(d), but she differed with me on religion and it didn't work out. I'm not an Incel though - that's a specific hate group of which I'm not a member.

All things considered, though I do get a little sad now and then (and though I do choke the chicken now and then), I still consider myself a pretty laid back guy and think the country would still do pretty okay if 50% of the population were me. I don't have the bitter jealous hatred that Incels teach each other is justified and should be acted on.
Well I think what you're saying is "violent and hateful incels are the problem", because:

- Elliot Rodger committed his crime before there was even a common label "incel" and mostly posted on so he couldn't have been part of an "incel" hate group if one didn't yet exist.
- In the recent BBC documentary I watched 2/3 of the guys were similar to how you describe - just quiet withdrawn sad guys who weren't bitter or hateful at all.

Again, there also does exist communities of female incels. I posted an example of one above who just seemed like a normal sad lonely girl. So saying incel = hateful misogynist as an automatic assignment does not make sense.

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