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Originally Posted by Joey P View Post
One that always bugs me is when there's a car chase scene and you can see the skid marks on the asphalt from rehearsals or previous takes. I imagine it's hard (if even possible) to clean the rubber off the road, but I always wondered if maybe they could do the practice runs a hundred feet away.

For the life of me, I can't find it online, but a few days ago I was watching Smokey and the Bandit and noticed a good example of it. When he saw Sally Field in the middle of the road he locked up his wheels and skidded to a stop (or made a u-turn, or peeled out, I don't remember) and you could see 5 or 6 other sets of skid marks.
That reminded me of the famous car chase in Bullitt, and how the bad guys' car (a Dodge Charger) keeps losing hubcaps, and seems to keep regenerating them. IIRC, it loses like six hubcaps over the course of the scene.

Edit: apparently, it was actually eight hubcaps.

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