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Couldn’t disagree more. Smith, Warner and Bancroft got on the wrong side of an Australian, “won’t someone think of the children” witch hunt. They were set for ICC mandated 1 match ban until the ACB got their knickers in a knot.
As I said back when this story first broke, this wasn't some frustrated bowler who made a bad but understandable snap decision to cheat after being hammered for a few boundaries. It was some of the senior members of the team getting together in the locker room and conspiring together about the best way to cheat without getting caught.

What you call a "think of the children" witch hunt, I call an appropriately stern response to a serious issue. I happened to make a visit home to Australia in June and July last year, a few months after the suspensions were handed down, and I don't think I encountered a single Aussie cricket fan who disagreed with the length of the bans. That includes the friend I spoke about in my previous post, who is a cricket fanatic who can name every Australian Ashes touring team, in batting order, going back to the 1930s. It includes my mother, who records and watched every ball of the Ashes tour. It includes friends and relatives, some of whom don't really care about cricket at all, and some of whom love it. And it includes strangers I spoke to in pubs and coffee shops.

If it took pressure from sponsors and the public and politicians to get the ACB to do the right thing, then I'm glad they applied that pressure. None of it was done lightly. Smith is one of the greatest batsmen of all time, and the fact that so many cricket-mad and victory-obsessed Aussies supported the ban says something about how seriously it was taken.
Originally Posted by GreedySmurf View Post
I find the English fans particularly hypocritical given the revelations of numerous English bowlers admitting to using foreign substances on the ball, and Broad and Anderson luckily escaping censure for roughing up the ball with their spikes.
You might be right, but how other teams and their fans behave is not really my concern here. I want MY national team to win fair and square, and I want anyone on my team who cheats to be appropriately punished.

As I said earlier, because I live in the US I don't follow cricket as closely as I used to. If you're right about the English bowlers, and about Broad and Anderson—and I have no reason to doubt you—then my main response is that they should receive similar punishment, not that the Aussies should have given our guys a slap on the wrist.