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Playing devil's advocate...

Originally Posted by Sunny Daze View Post
He gave himself frostbite.
Do we know this for sure? Isn't it quite possible that the facility he went to screwed up by not providing proper footwear/explanation/etc?

As for the helmet thing (which I think is hilarious), at this point I think it's too early to conclude that he's serious and not just posturing. Other players like Brady and Rodgers have complained about wanting to use older helmets and worked to grandfather their old models in as long as possible. Sure, when the new rules hit they're quietly going along with them, but Brown's always been a loudmouth. He's not actually going to retire and leave $30 mil on the table over a helmet.

The whole helmet rule is arbitrary anyways... nothing's been shown to be wrong with his helmet model, it's just that the NFL has a blanket rule that helmets older than 10 years aren't approved.

Basically, while these two stories are amusing for their drama, I wouldn't say that they're signs of erratic CTE behavior or anything. Now, if you want to talk about the furniture off the balcony story (which no one in this thread mentioned), that's another thing...

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