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Thanks for pointing this out, FoieGrasIsEvil. I watched it last night and found it interesting. I'm a "can't we all just get along" type of guy, so I liked the Chinese guy who worked on the furnaces and ate Twinkies and the American guy with the horses. They both seemed to be the ones most open-minded about learning from their counterparts. I was a little unsure at the end, but
it looked like the Chinese furnace guy had brought his family to Ohio. Did I understand that correctly?

I thought the movie did a decent job of balancing the viewpoints of "American's aren't willing to work hard enough and that's why we're losing manufacturing jobs" with "this is the cost of that work-comes-first attitude." The filmmakers did a good job of showing why both sides would look askance at their "foreign" co-workers.

One thing about the union organizing I would like to see a follow-up on,
as I understand it, it's illegal to fire someone for organizing a union. There were a couple of shots of Chinese bosses explicitly stating they were firing someone for being pro-union. Most blatantly, the guy who showed the pictures of a worker on his phone and then said the worker wouldn't be there in two weeks. I would think those workers named in the film would have open-and-shut lawsuits over illegal termination.