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To answer the OP: It might be the Dallas Cowboys. Although it's true that the Cowboys haven't advanced as far as the conference title game in the last 23 years, let alone gone to a Super Bowl or won one, they have two factors in their favor in terms of ease-of-fandom:

1. The Cowboys have long had one of the largest fanbases in the NFL, and an extremely geographically represented one at that. There are many Dallas fans in New York, California, Florida, etc. In upstate New York, I noticed that oftentimes Walmart-type stores would sell primarily two jerseys: Bills and Cowboys. In northern Virginia, it sometimes felt to me like there were more Cowboys fans advertising their presence than Redskins fans. No matter how badly the Cowboys do, you'll always have lots of fellow fans to commiserate with. Furthermore, Cowboys games are often featured on national TV more than any other team, I believe. And they have Thanksgiving games nationally televised. They're like the Yankees, minus championships since 1996.

2. The Cowboys have only ever had three truly "bad" periods in their franchise history, and all three periods were fairly short. The first was their expansion period (it's normal for expansion teams to suck), 1960-1965. By the following year, 1966, the Cowboys were already in the conference championship game. The second was the twilight of Tom Landry's career and the beginning of Jimmy Johnsons'; 1986-1989. The third was the Dave Campo era; 2000-2002. Aside from those three short periods, the Cowboys have always been in playoff contention or on the verge of it, or just having an occasional losing season.