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I think the model breaks down for shootings in public places, especially places like malls, stadiums, movie theaters, etc. -- places with a bunch of strangers who mostly don't know each other. Ideally, among the "public" when a shooter appears with the desire to shoot as many people as possible, there's one retired SWAT officer (or Navy SEAL or equivalent) who legally carries (or even more ideally, a full retired SWAT team on a shopping trip together, all of whom carry), and no one else (aisde from well-trained security and LE in uniform), and everyone else scatters or gets on the ground, and the retired SWAT guy(s) and/or security/LE engage(s) and neutralize(s) the shooter.

But in reality, if concealed-carry becomes common, you could have a dozen carriers in a crowded mall/theater/etc. Some of them might be competent, but some of them are likely to be idiots. Adding idiots with guns to an active-shooter scenario could make things even worse -- far, far worse, possibly. Even if it's only competent folks, it would still be almost impossible for a competent armed person to determine who among the dozen-other strangers around them with guns is the "bad" one, and if a single one makes a mistake that could make the situation much, much worse again.

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