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Originally Posted by Bone View Post
How much more prevalent does concealed carry have to be for you to consider it common? In 41 states, there is either shall issue or constitutional carry such that most of the population in the country is in an area where carry is available. This takes the same form as scare tactics before shall issue was widely adopted - presenting potential doom and gloom scenarios that have not come to pass. First it was gunfights over parking spots, and now it's mahem during mass shootings.


As to the thread - I don't think it's necessary to make a binary assessment most of the time. No one really pushes a binary assessment, but when reducing down to a digestible sound byte, the good guy/bad guy dichotomy is easy shorthand.
It'd be as "common" as I suggest in my hypothetical if that hypothetical comes to pass (tautological, obviously!). And I've never been "doom" or "scare tactices" about concealed-carry... I'm not sure if I've ever pontificated on the issue on this board. I've certainly talked about my concern about idiots with guns, but I haven't advocated any particular policy to prevent that. Guns are widely available, and tons of people are idiots, ergo lots of idiots have guns. And in my understanding, accident statistics bear this out -- there are tons of accidental shootings. A friend of mine from high school (a very nice young man) died in college when he shot himself accidentally while cleaning his gun.

I think the policy discussion is pretty much done. You guys won, about as decisively as any political issue can be won. I'm in favor of universal background checks and a few other relatively minor "gun control" policies (not that I think this would have a significant effect on crime), but America is a gun country, in which guns are incredibly easy to obtain, no matter how the law changes, for the short and medium term. I'm much more interested in discussing what this means for the present and future. In my understanding, concealed carry is growing in popularity. What will this mean? What effects will this have? I think this is interesting to think about and discuss.

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