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Originally Posted by LAZombie View Post
First, it's a myth that most government employees could make more in the private sector. Show me the high science teacher that went to a pharmaceutical company or other high tech company seamlessly.

Government employees are overcompensated to gain their fervent loyalty to the Deep State. Talk with any government employee and within ten minutes they bring up their precious pensions and how valuable they think they are to society.

Look at Lois Lerner who is retired with a 200,000 dollars a year pension. She should be in jail for obstruction of justice, but she was protected by the Deep State because she was a loyal foot soldier.
Complete and utter BS. Of course most high school science teacher can't go and work for a Pharmaceutical company. They have a teaching degree not a PhD in chemistry, or biology. Many could, however, work for a charter or private school no problem. On the other hand, there is a lot of cross pollination between pharmaceutical companies and NIH. Some of my colleagues where formerly in the private sector, and decided to work for the government, while other went the other way. I periodically get hit up by corporate head hunters looking for some bioinformatical expertise they can poach.

Also your claim that government employees are useless yet are over paid, also doesn't pass the smell test. If that is the case then why don't all these private workers go to the public sector and live like kings. The truth is that at the higher levels, pay is usually better in the private sector. But its also more confining. Since the public sector is only interested in profit, there is less ability to do basic research or to research and more ability to make the findings public rather than kept as propitiatory secrets. There is also pressure to make sure the studies reach the profitable conclusion rather than the factually correct conclusion. Basically public employees are just like everyone else. Some are lazy but most are hard working. The main difference to me seems to be that private employees seem to be more motivated by money, while public employees are more motivated by accomplishment.