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Originally Posted by Annoyed View Post
....Says the angry person saying angry things.
Hello. Non-angry person here with some questions.
Originally Posted by Not Carlson View Post
Some quickie questions you might want to ask yourself:

1) Considering Omar has been the focus of so much news, and the focus of so many attacks of late, why do you think this story hasn't gained more traction in the mainstream media?
Not juicy enough? Conspiratorial coverup? Disinterest in the private lives of public figures?

2) Does Omar actually have a brother named Elmi?

3) Does Elmi now have US citizenship?

4) If Elmi were her brother, wouldn't he already be eligible for US citizenship?

5) What, if anything, do you mean by "among other things"? And If you don't actually have anything else to suggest, why did you feel the need to vaguely imply other nefarious deeds?