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My mother was a school teacher. She was serious with another guy, who'd converted to Catholicism to be with her, looking toward marriage. She'd been in a horrible car accident, and had crushed both legs and had a foot partially amputated. She was in the hospital and a friend came by with her boyfriend. Before they left, the guy asked my mother if he could bring her something if they visited again. She said maybe a magazine or two. He came back alone with a bunch of "Field and Stream" and "Popular Mechanics" magazine and a twinkle in his eye. She dumped her fella, he dumped his gal and they married shortly after. He being a cradle Catholic too, their first date was to see Quo Vadis. They married and had 7 kids in 6 years. They were married 47 years, until my father's death.

After my father's death, my mother one of his oldest friends from his high school days, who'd also last his wife to cancer.