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Originally Posted by Little Nemo View Post
So you're okay with immigrants. As long as they're white.

It's rare to see a Trump supporter come right out and say it in public.
Iím ok with all immigrants, as long as they follow immigration laws.

Pick a country where the population is mostly right wing and Iíll take those any day. Regardless of skin color.

Every migrant the left gets from south of the border, we get one from anywhere else.

Seems fair to me, unless itís about swaying the electorate in your favor. Itís not about that is it?

What I find infuriating is that for some reason the left has come completely out of the closet regarding immigrants from south of the border knowing full well they overwhelmingly vote democrat when given the chance, and merely by their proximity to the US border they should get some preferable treatment over other nations with people in poverty.

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