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What are your opinions on the Brian Jones era of the Rolling Stones?

Brian Jones founded the Stones in 1962 and was in the band from the inception of it until June 1969. He had a troubled final year with the band due to a combination of depression, drug & alcohol dependency, and a loss of interest in the band as well as personal conflicts with Mick and Keith (mostly Keith). He was essential in the band until the second half of 1968 and from there on coasted musically, his last credit of note being an autoharp on You Got the Silver from Let it Bleed. He has been mostly written out of music history it seems, but he played on almost every track of Beggar's Banquet and also played a great majority of the non-guitar instruments on Their Satanic Majesties' as well as sitar on Paint it Black and Street Fightin' Man and slide guitar on a great number of songs. He also may have co-written Ruby Tuesday with Keith Richards.

Some later credits most people don't know he's responsible for:
Ruby Tuesday - Piano and Recorder
She's a Rainbow - Mellotron
Citadel - Mellotron, flute, and soprano saxophone
Child of the Moon - Soprano saxophone
The Lantern - Organ
Jumpin' Jack Flash - rhythm guitar
Dandelion - Soprano Saxophone and possibly organ
We Love You - Mellotron
Jig-Saw Puzzle - Mellotron
Parachute Woman - Harmonica
Stray Cat Blues - Mellotron
Street Fightin' Man - Sitar & Tanpura

His last performance with the band was at the Rock N' Roll Circus in Dec 1968, and his last photo session with them was on May 21st, 1969. He would depart the band on June 3rd.

Am curious about your feelings on his era/him.

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