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Originally Posted by MissTake View Post
Well, heifer, if your team is SO wonderful, why did one of your spectacular coworkers screw up a case so bad, management had to brought in? I know why she sent me the referral in the first place- the court order management was so messed up, I spent a few days just cleaning up the horrendous mess she and previous workers caused (multiple missing orders, incorrect charging, orders not entered...). This particular coworker sends me referrals only on messy cases. I don't really mind, as I like making cases clean, but then to completely disregard the process and create even more of a mess?
Make sure the time you spend in cleaning up the mess of her team is recorded & charged to her team!
Even if you can't charge it back to them, make sure your own time record has a category for 'cleaning up heifers' teams' messes' and you charge to that.