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Originally Posted by Budget Player Cadet View Post
Or perhaps I'm merely not interested in attaching labels to things that don't really fit those labels?

If someone comes up to you and says, "Do you believe in God", what do you think they mean? Is it likely they mean "do you believe in Life"? Or "Do you believe in the universe"? Or do you think they mean "Do you believe in an anthropomorphic supernatural entity that can intercede on the behalf of humans who may or may not have any number of important supernatural qualities, depending on which religion we ascribe to"? Because you wouldn't ask someone if they believe in life. Or if they believe in the universe.

You can define "god" any way you want. Just like I can define "chair" as "a sharp knife propped up vertically". Or "dog" as "large, aggressive apex predator with stripes who has been starved for three days". It's just that when I sit you down in a chair and let my dog into the room, you're going to end up very, very confused. Because while it's true that words have usages, not meanings, and while it's true that you can use words any way you like, if you want to communicate with other people, they'd better understand those usages.

And some words contain baggage. For example, if I say "chair", I usually mean something comfortable to sit on. And if I say "god", I usually mean some form of supernatural, intelligent deity. Because that's how damn near everyone ever has always used the word! And when I say "god is life", I'm taking a word that has a ton of baggage and using it in a completely weird way. There's just no reason for it, unless you're desperate to believe in something you can call "god", but extremely uninterested in maintaining a coherent definition of said thing. Case in point:

Okay, but the roman catholic god is CLEARLY NOT LIFE. Like, they're not even close to the same thing. The roman catholic god has a hell of a lot of qualities not shared by life! Like timelessness, omniscience, omnipotence, and a hatred for men boning each other.

This is, again, a deepity. There is a trivial manner in which it is true - ask two Christians about their god in detail, and sooner or later you're going to reach a different answer - and the non-trivial implications are just downright false - ask a hundred people what the word "god" immediately implies to them, and you're going to come up with some consensus implying that they're talking about a deity, not "life" or "the universe", unless your sample size is severely skewed in favor of new age hippies.

Given that, in all cases, the Christian God is pretty much always the invisible man in the sky, I don't think it would be at all surprising to find as many different variations of God as there are people. Combine that with the thousands of gods that humans worship, and I think it's much more than new age hippies who have different versions of god. For many of us, God is simply Life itself. I don't see why that assertion should be so upsetting.