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Originally Posted by Biffster View Post
Given that, in all cases, the Christian God is pretty much always the invisible man in the sky, I don't think it would be at all surprising to find as many different variations of God as there are people. Combine that with the thousands of gods that humans worship, and I think it's much more than new age hippies who have different versions of god. For many of us, God is simply Life itself. I don't see why that assertion should be so upsetting.
Care to sit in my chair and pet my dog?

For many of us, God is simply Life itself.
What qualities does "god" have? Can you define "god" for me?

There's two options here.

Option A: "god" is equivalent to "life". In that case, there's no reason to use the word god. It achieves literally nothing that just saying "life" doesn't, except attaching a lot of unnecessary baggage to the term.

Option B: "god" is similar to "life" but has some notable differences. In this case, there's no reason to use the word life, beyond saying "it's sorta like life, but...". It's just confusing to call god "life" when god clearly isn't life, but rather something that means something that is either somewhat or entirely different.

Language is about usages, but I'm asking you, why are you using language this way?