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I can't say whether or not this is an intentional effort on your part but it's very much like the efforts of countless pseudo-science peddlers like Deepak Chopra to hide God behind working scientific theories and popular hypotheses. It's an effort to put God out of reach of scientific explanation, in order to then be able to blame science for not having an explanation for this new extra-super-caladocious prime mover. It sounds meaningful to those who don't understand scientific methods and who are easily convinced that since science doesn't have an answer or explanation for this manufactured sophist argument, therefore science can't prove it's not true, thus proving it TRUE. When in fact, it's just a trite gotcha; it's - worth repeating - deepity. But by all means, keep looking. And don't forget to check behind the sofa.

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Thanks for explaining this a bit, but it seems like the tired argument that you understand the scientific method and we don't therefore you can't know. Then accuse us of a tactic that requires us to know what you just claimed we don't know. It is a illogical statement that leads to a false conclusion.

What we have here is 2 of the 'greatest' questions of all times, and a conjecture. What is God, What is Life and are they the same. Relating this then dismissing it based on the scientific method and it's understanding does not prove anything, it is a attempt to dismiss the premise without consideration. In this the scientific method is really irrelevant as there is currently no answer provided by it, yet the questions and I'd say even the conjecture is ancient in their nature (therefore countering your claim that this was intentionally just placed outside the reach of science). The workings of it is explored in the field of philosophy, spirituality and if you must religion. As such it is not 'proof' that is the goal, it is understanding of how that applies to the world as we see it from those standpoints.

What can be said of scientific advancements is that they an be used to relate concepts, ideas, to help communicate thoughts better. It is also my believe that science is pattern based, and those patterns repeat across fields for a reason, and that allows concepts to be conveyed. As such, with my former statement, all science is scripture, and to quote the bible, "All scripture is inspired by God and is useful for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness,..." which pretty much describes science, the scientific method in a universe under God.

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