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I can see relations of life=God, but first lets define life, and see if I can answer some questions that have been raised.

I think to make this connection we can not talk about biological life, but 'living'. We see people often in zombie life states. Those working at jobs that take the life from them. We also see people doing what they love, and prospering. It is that type of life that I can see equates to God. It is also what urges life on, as opposed to just a sexual drive or a biologically programmed asexual reproduction. We also know that depression can suck the life out of people, but the goal is to really 'live'. It is that form of life and living which I can equate to God.

The Jewish people in their scriptures equate the word worship and work. While modern translations usually chose one or the other, I believe it is both, when we do what we are made to do, what our heart sings about, it is where we have the most life, and are closest to our 'god selves'. It is worship of life to do the work one has the heart to do. It is also the worship of God, because that definition of life is God.

Since we are capable of this form of life, yet not everyone achieves it, we are capable of being our god self. Therefore God is in us to the degree that life is in us.

In some earlier posting it was put forth that the universe existed before life. Some of Buddha's teachings are that consciences and sensory perception is needed for the universe (or anything) to exist. Therefore life is needed, and this live created the universe, which is one definition of God (creator of the universe). Again life is God.

Jesus states I am the life, and that does go into life eternal, but also is the life for this world and who we are. Really doing what we are meant to do, which we see the fantastic adventures of the apostles, Much more 'life' then fishing or tax collecting.

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