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... aaaaaand that's how purplehorseshoe joined the People Of Wal-Mart.

Your hint about the Technu to wash off urushiol made me realize how I'm re-contaminating myself, and now I'm laundering everything washable and wound up in the pharmacy aisle at 3 a.m. muttering to myself about being unclean while dressed exactly as someone with zero fucks to give would usually dress, complete with sandals-and-socks combo because, again, zero giveafucks. Even the lone employee at the registers gave me a judgey look, and that woman has probably seen some shit.

But I don't itch quite so badly now and hopefully the laundry marathon will stop it from spreading so if there is any kindness left in the gods I'm gonna sleep now.

Also I bought a betta fish while I was at the store, but he's just gonna hafta be Tomorrow Me's problem.
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