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Originally Posted by purplehorseshoe View Post
Apparently my dumb ass got into some poison ivy. Itchy fucking rash across both forearms, and my left armpit - so no antiperspirant there, which was FUN for that job interview yesterday - in addition to interesting spots like both hips and my left earlobe. Sleep is a distant memory.

Did I mention that I'm trying to get a job? So here in Murrica ("fuck yeah!") that means I also have no health insurance, which is roughly the same as no access to health care. So ... aloe leaves it is.

I joked last night that I should sleep wearing mittens so I can't scratch in my sleep, the way they do with newborn babies. Thinking that might actually be a good idea.

What is sleep? Is it fun? I dimly recall enjoying it.
Benedryl pills, benedryl spray [the one that sort of makes a plasic skin over the owchie] and domeboro/borroughs solution soaks. I am allergic to hyrocortisone cream which is another suggestion for OTC treatment