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Originally Posted by Fenris View Post
Luthor could take a pen, a pad of paper and a light bulb and make an explosive device with it in seconds (actually he chose not to--he was in prison at the time and realized that if he did, they wouldn't give him a pen and paper the next time he got caught-which in and of itself is pretty clever).
For bonus points, we never get to see his non-pen-and-paper jailbreak plan in that story -- because Superman shows up with a Presidential pardon to ask for Lex's help -- but he's back in prison at the end of it, and the follow-up story has Lex escaping his cell by using his own body as a painful teleportation device.

(That story also neatly covers why Lex never bothered to deduce Superman's secret identity: as with the explosives, it's not that he can't figure it out; it's that -- while hiding out behind a paste-on mustache with matching wig, using fake credentials to bolster his latest alias -- Lex got halfway through narrowing down a short list of suspects before concluding that Superman is likewise smart enough to start over in no time flat, choosing a new name for fake IDs that fit a new hair-and-makeup disguise.)

Luthor can casually cobble together time-machines and FTL machines out of stuff found in an average suburban trash-can.
When the bars at his window failed to keep out a slanted ray of sunlight, Lex built a solar-powered time machine using a needle and thread plus some aspirin; the minimally harder part was first learning the right ancient language, so that he could fast-talk a startled Hercules into busting 'em both out of the joint.