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Originally Posted by Eddie The Horrible View Post
While admittedly I never watched her show, I can't exactly see Angela Lansbury's character sitting in a darkened office with the obligatory shadow of Venetian blinds on the wall behind her, with her fedora, triple scotch, three day stubble, and Camel dangling from the corner of her mouth, mordantly pondering the existential dread and ennui of "too many women, too many pills"* thing.

*thank-you, Mr. Johnson
So true, as have been others' identifications in this thread of police/detective procedurals that do feature well-adjusted, non-traumatized main characters.

I was more so thinking about franchises like SVU that, especially in the later seasons, emphasize storylines about characters' personal problems and histories that are downright melodramatic and hackneyed. These storylines bore the crap outta me, especially episodes where a criminal nemesis kidnaps one of the detectives (almost always a female detective). Among the many things I loved about The Wire was the resistance to these lazy tropes (true, we did see into the characters' personal lives, but I never found it to be melodramatic).