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It's awkward, cumbersome, and seems wrong.

"The snow fell and continues to fall" expresses the exact same sentiment, and does it much more cleanly and efficiently.

I think why it seems wrong is that the first clause is expressed positively.

"The snow fell." This did something. So the continuation should reflect that. Nor is a negative expression, and should only be used as a conjunction for negative expressions.

"Keats did not write novels, nor did he write essays." See? Keats did not do this, and he did not do that. But you wouldn't say

"Keats wrote novels, nor did he write essays." Wrong conjunction.

"The snow did not fall, nor did it continue to fall," seems redundant, but the conjunction is correct.

"Neither did the snow fall, nor did it not fall." While logically nonsensical, it has the correct structure.