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Originally Posted by Gagundathar View Post
If you don't grant your postulated robots greater abilities than humans, why give them rights at all?
They are slaves.
I don't think the OP is talking about sentient artificial people like Cylons or Blade Runner replicants. He is talking about highly advanced industrial automation. IOW, why would you design an advanced automobile factory robot to want to "become human" like in the Sci Fi movies? You'd design it to want to stamp car bumpers all day.

Originally Posted by chrisk
Unfortunately true. That's the way capitalism works. The benefits of having robots in the factories don't go to the workers who used to slave away in the factories, or even to the remaining workers who can't be robot-replaced yet. The benefits go to the rich man who paid for the robots.
It actually isn't the way capitalism works. The benefits also go to people who can buy products they previously couldn't afford.