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Originally Posted by Lemur866 View Post
What "threat"? Owning an automated factory will mean nothing. It won't give you any power.
True--and a great post overall--but my one quibble would be that overcrowding could still potentially be an issue. That said, I'm still not sure that drastic level of genocide would be likely.

Originally Posted by Lemur866 View Post
The owner of an automated factory isn't going to be rich, because the first thing someone's going to build with their automated factory is another automated factory. Wait, second thing. The first thing will be a fully functional sexbot. The second will be another automated factory.
Ha, this made me literally LOL.

Kobol wrote a good list of things people would still get paid for. Then of course there's entertainment, which I think was mentioned above. Being a land speculator might be a big one too, as people would be able to have any kind of house they like, but location, location, location will still be huge--either a scenic one, a central location, or something near cultural resources. I'd think being a concert promoter could be lucrative too.

Originally Posted by Lemur866 View Post
And so, when industrialists cast aside their worthless factories and give up their dreams of amassing wealth by producting worthless material goods, those factories will still be there, and could still produce worthless material goods that are vital to the survival of billions of people. It's just that no one will be able to make money buy supplying those vital goods to those billions.
What I wonder is whether these industrialists will be extremely frustrated that they don't become the richest people ever (since as we've noted, there will still be things that have value even if it's not material goods), or will just be glad to have created the means to enrich the whole world. It does sort of seem like it would be unfair if they find themselves without any money to speak of, not being able to go to the nicest restaurants or have a house on Lake Como, while the actual rich folks are pro baseball players, land speculators, pop singers, and the descendants of the Khardashians. If I were around when such a scenario came to pass, I'd be all for saying that the people who were responsible for creating these robots/factories should get a big fat check from the government every year making them fabulously wealthy. Although upon further thought, I suppose it's likely they could make a lot of money giving speeches (another vocation for famous people that will probably survive).