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While I don't absolutely disagree with classifying politics or religion as entertainment, I think many a stick-up-the-bum would. Politics is Serious Business, apparently

But yeah, I get what you mean, and I agree that it'd be a good thing if everyone could just write that one good book they have in them instead of filing data entries. Then just fuck around a lot. The issue I could see here would be the dreaded Roman decadence where, as the first world parties on like crazy because of the robot utopia, the starving masses from across the border sharpen their knives.
The robots can do a lot, but I don't think they can quite do away with inequality entirely - there's only so much land and resources to go around. I suppose we could always keep them away with armies of firespewing deathbots, but building firespewing deathbots is a Very Bad Idea. I've seen that movie.