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Originally Posted by Saint Cad View Post
How well did bribing electors work for Samuel Tilden?
How many faithless electors have there been from states without FE laws?
Has there ever been a case (besides 1876) that a candidate has tried to bribe electors (from states without FE laws) to change an elector?
How likely is it that an elector will change their vote from their candidate as a result of a bribe?
The risk for these things appears to be relatively low, but low is not zero, and it could be eliminated altogether with a popular vote system. With the popular vote, every American voter has exactly the same power -- a New Yorker has the same exact voting influence as an Iowan, a Texan, a Montanan, etc. That seems like a far better (and fairer) system to me -- giving the power to voters, not to states that just so happen to be swing-states at the expense of others.

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