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Originally Posted by Broomstick View Post
Something of that sort - from my perspective it looks like a LOT of properties in the unincorporated part of the county are going vacant. There may be a politically-connected land-grab going on. And I note - this is NOT a city, it's outside-of-any-municipality part of the county. County government in this part of the state is not, shall we say, known for highly ethical behavior.

Perhaps the folks in Gary are envisioning some of the consolidation/renewal that has gone on in Flint, MI and Detroit.... but in those cases they didn't (from what I've heard) cut the utilities just prior to cold weather and force people off the properties, those cities had relocation programs and offered above-board deals to property owners.

Anyhow - had pro movers shift the big stuff today to the new place. Worth every penny to get those items moved fast, efficiently, and safely by pros. While I was waiting for them to show up at the old place I filled two more garbage bags with crap and chucked them into the dumpster, and boxed up some more of the kitchen stuff I want to save. Go me! I am getting it done.
Go you indeed! I learned movers are always worth the money, b/c I always underestimate my ability to pack, transport and unpack my things. This usually made for an even more frustrating moving day. Mover money is peace of mind money.
Sounds like the county may have long-term annexation plans in mind if it's unincorporated area now. Either way, it stinks your landlord and their tenants are caught in the mess but it's not your problem anymore!