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Speaking of lurking under the bed...

... I got to the underbed boxes which were "husband territory" for storage of whatever he wanted. Apparently, what he wanted to store there was clothes. MORE CLOTHES!!! OMG. I thought it was we women who collected too many clothes! I thought I had found all his old clothes but nooooo...!


Time for more donations. Any suggestions for good causes that could use slightly used t-shirts and blue jeans? Also socks... I don't know if you can donate socks, but I have a LOT of the spouse's socks in good condition, clean/laundered... just previously worn.

Once I get through all that I'll have three, empty underbed storage boxes that will fit comfortably under my current bed. I'm thinking art supplies in at least one of them. I want to keep the clothes just in the two closets (most of 'em in the bedroom closet, coats/jackets/outwear in the front/hallway closet). Got an "accessory storage" unit for the front hall closet so the hats/scarves/gloves I'm keeping will have a home.

Also found more blankets. Guess the Highland, Indiana animal hospital might be getting another donation of those.

My next door neighbor wants the spare twin bed I will no longer have room for - I'll be giving her the linens that go with it. Also probably the extra coffee table.

I've been going through my book collection - having to give up books still hurts, but I'm trying to be brutal. I'm going to be eliminating at least a third of them. >sigh<

I am trying to put in at least an hour a day on cleaning out the old place. It's happening, but it still feels overwhelming. Days when I work it's hard to feel I'm putting in quality time, it's my days "off" (off paying work) when I seem to really make a big dent but I figure even an hour's progress is better than none and it's at least making a little progress. I am taking one day off a week from the old place - when my two closest friends, my sister, my old landlord, and the social worker who helped me get my new place all say TAKE A DAY OFF maybe I should?

One of my days "off" will have to be spent dropping off donations/selling books/trip to the recyclers/etc. - I suppose that still counts as "dealing with" all this stuff, just as much as cleaning/sorting/putting trash in the dumpster.

Haven't even got to the model kits and RC aircraft that I will attempt to sell, or the tools - I'll be keeping a few for my own use but a lot will have to go and I've gotten offers for some of them already.

Still feel a bit unsettled in the new place, don't have any really habits or routines yet so I lack that comfort but I'm trying to form good habits going forward. My stress level seems to be going down - I'm interested in food again. I lost four notches on my belt since September 12. Not the healthiest way to go about weight loss.