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Originally Posted by Broomstick View Post

Time for more donations. Any suggestions for good causes that could use slightly used t-shirts and blue jeans? Also socks... I don't know if you can donate socks, but I have a LOT of the spouse's socks in good condition, clean/laundered... just previously worn.

Places that help the homeless LOVE donations of socks. They're one of the most needed items -- having clean DRY socks to switch to can prevent all sorts of crippling foot problems -- and yet people seldom think to donate them. They won't at all care the socks aren't brand new, so long as they're clean.

Also found more blankets. Guess the Highland, Indiana animal hospital might be getting another donation of those.

Animal Hospitals are good, but don't overlook homeless charities for these as well. There are a lot of homeless who won't stay in the shelters, for various reasons, but who do need blankets to keep them warm. The thing is, the way they use blankets, sleeping outdoors, often on grimy streets or bare dirt, means the blankets gets too soiled for use quite quickly. So they're constantly needing replacements. Ask about those, too, when you call about the sox.