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Originally Posted by Broomstick View Post
I work in retail. I have come to the conclusion that actually planning to de-clutter in December is sort of hopeless. Between work and stress it's just not realistic.

However, I did unload the comic book collection - and got $100 for it (the old ones weren't in great condition, no rares or super valuable ones). I kept a very few issues, the ones I have actually re-read over the years and will most likely re-read again.

I got a storage unit in the basement of the new building and moved in my bike and a couple bins of items that, while I want to save them and do use them, I don't need to have constantly accessible. Seasonal decorations, my box of giftwrap/bows/etc., the fabric I use for quilting, the yarn and thread for the other fiber arts. It's all in rubbermaid totes instead of cardboard boxes.

Working on the interior of my new place - got the two sewing machines moved in and oiled. Unfortunately, the drive belt on the treadle machine died (it was over 20 years old) but I can order a new one on Amazon. Consolidating the paper arts into an underbed box. I have six boxes from the old place I'm unpacking/putting away right now, when they're done I'll bring more over.

The goal(s) here are to only bring stuff to the new place that I will actually keep. Everything else has to either be sold, donated, or tossed.

I'm taking a week off in January. While some of that will be rest and recuperation from the Holiday Hell of Retail I'm hoping to put in some quality time on what's left of my mess.
Sounds like you have tremendous momentum! If there's one thing working in retail made me see, it's that pursuit of stuff is a temporary high that leaves lasting mental damage.
Keep up the good work!