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Well, I didn't expect any progress on The Pile during the last two weeks of December what with working retail and the holidays. I concentrated on keeping the dishes washed, the bathroom clean, getting rest, eating decently, and getting to work. I managed to succeed at all counts, so yay me. Neither place is any worse, so good there, too.

After the New Year I collected trash bins from the old place, washed/sanitized them as needed, and now have a bucket for trash in every room of the new place.

Not much more than that the past week, but starting Tuesday I have a week vacation and my friend who's good at helping with this sort of thing coming from out of town. While we are, of course, intending to have some fun we will also be working on The Pile so I'm hoping we make real progress. Also, I'm hoping she'll help jump-start me again on working this aggressively.

Also, she'll be helping me out a bit with the computers/electronics, both figuring out what is/isn't worth keeping, getting the crap bits recycled/disposed of properly. Also the entertainment center - getting the TV antennae hooked up, mostly, and maybe connecting it to the internet. Apparently I hooked everything else up properly because the rest of it works fine. But while a DVD player with a fantastic 70" screen is a lot of fun I'd like to get even more capability out of it.

Oh, and she's upgrading her smartphone and said she'll give me her old one - nothing wrong with it, just not as new as the one she is getting. So it looks like I'll be getting a smartphone and fully joining the 21st Century. I'm hoping that goes smoothly - I think the cellphone might still be in the late Mr. Broomstick's name so that could turn into a mess (it got a bit sticky with my internet provider, but that's sorted out now).