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I just discovered this thread now too. Here are some of my successes: We had an old 30yr old tv upstairs that we finally got rid of. It was just collecting dust in a corner. With no guests staying with us for years, we got rid of the guest bedroom to make way for a home office. The bed/mattress was around 20yrs old. We did a pick up service with Salvation Army. Really telling was that we used their services 10yrs ago I had not realized I was calling the same pickup services 10yrs later (they still had records from 10yrs ago!) However on their online scheduling you have to be exact of what you want picked up. The first trip they only got the mattress and I had to do another online scheduling for them to get the foundation! Luckily with the foundation we decided to get rid of the treadmill (still working) but we just use our portable pedalers now. It truly opened up space in our bedrooms!