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Originally Posted by Helena330 View Post
Lancia, the show you watched was Tidying Up With Marie Kondo. I watched it, too, and really liked it. I'd never heard of her, but she's quite famous. What's really helping me clear out some stuff is one of the questions she asks: "Do you want to carry this into the future with you?"

I "tidied" my sock drawer her way so I could see everything. I couldn't believe how many pairs of socks I have!
My wife did the same thing, folding everything so they stack vertically. An hour into the project she called me in and showed me her new and improved sock 'n underwear drawer. She had found some shoebox-sized wicker baskets that were lined with cloth and used those to keep everything in the drawer seperate. It looked very neat and tidy.

Then she showed me a stack of a dozen or so socks and pairs of underwear that she said she had found at the bottom of the drawer--unopened. She vaguely remembers buying them when we lived at the other house. She was gobsmacked that she had so many pairs of socks and underwear that the new stuff had literally been long forgotten at the bottom of the drawer.

I suspect it's going to be very cathartic to get rid of stuff, and I suspect (or maybe just hope) my anxiety and depression will ease a bit when the house is clutter-free.