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First day of the Vacation Clean Up:

Took the eight empty boxes from unpacking at the new place and brought them to the old place.

We got rid of some books that had, sad to say, come to the end of their existence as books (mold/mildew) Got through two large boxes of stuff, mostly old papers and financial records but some keepsakes mixed in, bundled a LOT of old magazines to go to the recyclers, gathered up the trash....

... and then discovered the lock on the dumpster was f***ed and we couldn't get into it.

I texted the landlord yesterday and last night he came by and got the lock off so we can finish that today. Then load up the pickup for a trip to the recycle place.

Anyhow, after about 3-4 hours at the old place we had a lot of stacks sorted out which resulted in one of those moments of "did we actually make any progress?" Yes, yes we did, we should be able to clear out a bunch of stuff once we get there.

We went out for lunch. Sushi. Because we deserved it.

Toss up between starting to take stuff to the eBay store for consignment sales, or books to the book resellers/library, or carting off donation items to donation places. I suppose, after we take out the garbage and deal with the recycling we can decide then.